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Well the first thing that comes to mind is ‘’Is 12 is Better Than 6 a Hotline Miami clone?’’ The game-play is quite comparable but it has some good differences overall. The game is set in the old west, and you’re playing a Mexican who’s often spouting how you hate ‘’Gringos’’. This is a game filled to the brim with excessive violence.

The killing is fast paced and brutal, but you can go in and play with a stealth approach with a knife. The options to do so is a nice touch. Death comes fast and often, sometimes you aren’t even aware of where it came from because everything is playing so fast.

One of the most annoying things I found was how I’d have to unload another gun to get more “stash bullets.” I get that they’re going for a more realistic approach, but sometimes, it’s just not needed.

I was able to get through the first act of the game in about an hour. According to the achievements there are four acts. I feel the pacing so far has been alright, the loading screens between parts of a level are quite fast overall.

The music is atmospheric and doesn’t distract when you’re playing. The art-style is the most prominent part of the game evoking a drawn on paper look, which is pretty unique in my opinion.

The real questions are have you played Hotline Miami? Did you like it? Did you want more? If you answer yes to any of these it’s a yes. For the rest of you that have never played a game like this, can you enjoy a kill or be killed top down shooter that is drawn by hand with pen and paper? The current price in US Dollars is 9.99 on steam  and the humble store. Unless you are a super fan of this style of game.

Is this game worth the 9.99 USD asking price? It’s very reminiscent of Hotline Miami. It takes the same formula and plays it out with an all new aesthetic which can be appreciated. If you liked Hotline Miami and want more of this style of gameplay, then you should definitely pick it up.

Verdict for 12 is Better Than 6: Buy the game on sale.

Time played: 66min

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