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Let it be said I’ve played 80 Days a few times before, but I’m working through my steam library top to bottom. The book this game is based off of is a good read if you haven’t ever read it. That being said let’s dig into the game.

Gameplay is done from menus mostly as a choose your own adventure style of gameplay. In addition to this you need to explore, buy and sell items, use a bank when low on money, or stay overnight at a hotel. The things you need to manage are: routes, story decisions, your master’s health, money and most of all time.

You, as the title states, have 80 Days to get this done. You have various ways to lose the game. Your master could die, you can run out of money or out of time. Some of the most direct routes are deceptive. While you go from point A to B, you can attend to the health of your master, read a newspaper or talk to the driver/captain/etc. The talking can be helpful to get route information. And when you stay overnight in a place you have different events that can help or hinder your journey.

This and not just one route or play style makes this game a lot of replay value. You can negotiate the departure times of things to get on a sooner flight/boat/train/car out of the place you are in but it can cost you.

I’ve completed the game three times now and only failed it once. Overall, I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s fun, simple to understand and beautiful to look at.  It’s hard to feel unsatisfied with a purchase like this.

Verdict for 80 Days: Buy it on GOG

Time played: 180 minutes

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