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I am going to spoil this game and its story so if you want to experience the story just skip this review. My friend gifted this to me, and as I do love my friend, I played it to completion. Its total length is about an hour.

I am not sure what I really thought I expected going in to it. It has been hyped to hell and back about how amazing it is and how it has an amazing soundtrack. I honestly found the soundtrack fitting but was it wow inducing to me? No. Was it bad? No. It was what it needed to convey the areas you went through. Is it art? Well I guess, I think it is fair to say it is a work of art that could have been done differently.

A lot of people praise this for the visualisations I will agree it looks like but some things like who you play as needs a bit more work. I felt it wasn’t trying to be a certain aesthetic it was just trying to be ‘pretty’. People glow about this game how this game is life changing. I honestly found it boring and I was struggling to get past 30 mins of it. It’s like ok no words minus some control help, follow the shiny thing that’s different follow me I’m different! Look at me I’m artistic! Oh Brian you are being so mean!

Let’s look at the game mechanics starts off with a passed out you on the surface and a few a few control hints, its go here click, ok got that ? now go click 2 more in a row then you can proceed. Ok you got that down? Let’s try 3! It’s a swim and click on things for a little over an hour thing. Want to know the evil villain you fight or avoid getting hurt by? Fucking EVIL Triangle machines! Fucking hell I thought I had gotten past evil triangles after watching Gravity Falls.

Maybe I am not the right kind of person for this sort of thing. Maybe I am too spoiled by AAA games. It is what it is folks I didn’t like it and especially at steams asking price of about twenty US dollars.

Verdict for ABZU: If you like artsy shit buy it on sale.

Time played: 76 minutes

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