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Well after enjoying AOE2, this is a bit different in a lot of ways some good some bad. I played Age of Empires III in skirmish vs the computer for this one. I played as Spain, and as with AOE2 the units respond in Spanish. It’s a little detail I find nice.

For gameplay, I found it a bit simplified and made a grind fest at the same time. The simplification is that there is no travel time for workers anymore. You can build ways to make food and gold that last until the end of the game. Some of things can be nice in some ways and others it takes away from it all. Part of the new gameplay is where you get things shipped from your home city, setting up an auto trading post, having an un-killable explorer, level up your home city to get access to more powerful shipments.

Shipments are earned by earning experience points. You get these points via harvesting killing and trading posts. Part of me dislikes this system but part of me likes some change in the formula. The formula is still build gather kill. I mentioned an un-killable Explorer unit, this unit is setup to explore and hunt treasure guardians. If they get down to 0 hit points it will fall to the ground and you can send any other unit to pick them up. It is a way for you to get ahead in the game, I ended up working my way through 3 computers and their bases.

Overall I enjoyed the changes to the formula but it didn’t feel like an Age of Empires game as much as the first or second ones. The fact that it’s all focused on the colonisation of the new world vs more of the big amount of empires I guess doesn’t feel so epic. I liked the massiveness of the battles that could happen in the AOE 1 or 2. Currently this game is about 40USD on Steam, I cannot justify that price even if it was current gen. This game is good overall but only for a sale price.

Verdict for Age of Empires III: Complete Collection: Buy it on sale

Time played: 70 minutes

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