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Hi folks, I don’t know if I can handle so much strategy in short span of time! Lucky for me, Age of Mythology will be one of the last ones for a little while. For this hour of gameplay, I did the single player campaign that starts off with the Atlanteans.

This is like an extension of Age of Empires. It adds a few different things like hero units, god powers, and branching age advancement. The hero units are needed mostly for fighting ‘’mythical’’ units as in creatures of mythology e.g. Kraken or other hero units. I honestly didn’t feel epic or heroic fighting kraken I think part of it was it was a very early mission with them. They looked like a big octopus. The detail on this game isn’t so polished in comparison to AOE2 HD.  I feel they could have put in a bit more work into it.

The game isn’t so focused on big armies I feel it’s focused on powerful units and hero units vs other things. This game feels a bit more cartoony with the art style. One other thing I haven’t mentioned is having to manage ‘’’Favor’’ of the gods for some strong units. Depending on what mythos you are from is how you earn it, Greeks get it by assigning people to pray. Egyptians get it by building monuments. Norse get it by fighting and doing damage to units/buildings. The Chinese get it by building gardens. It adds to playstyles but honestly, I don’t like the additional resource to manage.

This game was released in 2002 this was the same year of Warcraft 3! Maybe I expect more out of the fidelity of it all. The price point right now of this game is about 30 USD on steam for the base game, and about 10 for the expansion that adds the oriental mythos. So, this game I can and will sum up as ‘’Did you want god powers and the mythos of gods of various mythologies?  Good play this game!’’  I don’t recommend it as Age of Empires II HD exists. That game is far better as a strategy game and much more competitive.

Verdict for Age of Mythology: Not Recommended

Time played: 60 minutes

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