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Hi again everyone, this time we are looking at: Alice Madness Returns. I normally dread working on this project at times due to my simple fact that I have bought a lot of crappy games. This one is a bit of a mixed bag so let’s take a look at it.

Graphics: They are the highlight of this game, the visuals in 1080p are great. This adds to making you feel immersed in the world. I like the dark take on the Wonderland tale. I used to play American McGee’s Alice too. Both I did enjoy the visuals quite a good bit. The visuals are vibrant even when it’s a dark place. I did have some odd pauses or hangs in the game, I know it’s not due to my system for this game was released. The requirements were a Geforce 7600 or an ATI X1650.  I am sure there is a fan patch that works this out somewhere.

Gameplay: This is a mix depending on what you like in a game overall. A lot of this game is focused on platforming with a multi-jump, and a float and a dodge or a dash in a direction. It takes some work at time but the controls seem spot on while using a keyboard and mouse, the locking method for combat seemed easy enough, some enemies need a bit of strategy to down, and the game makes sure to give you clues on that. Overall I did like it.

Story: Of what I saw it was an opening of old London town as they were just starting to dig for the underground in the area you walk around in and then deep in to the madness of wonderland. Wonderland isn’t really that wonderful for its inhabitants. It is as I mentioned earlier dark dirty and depressing for them. It adds a new depth for the story. I didn’t get too far in to the story, it isn’t a gripping one but I don’t think anyone buying this game is wanting it to be gripping. I bought it for I like the universe.

Overall:  find a fan patch to reduce the odd stutters and this game is solid for what it is . Note you can only buy it right now on the Origin store , Current price is 13 USD. I think it is worth 15.

Verdict for Alice: Madness Returns: Recommended

Time played: 114 minutes

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