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First of all, let’s get this out of the way…  Fuck Sid.  Sid bought Alien Isolation for me as a joke in the middle of our podcast. He took advantage of me working through the Steam library top to bottom, A-Z. That being said let’s get down to the review.

Graphics: Honestly these are spot on they set the ambiance of the game, it’s an interesting blend of the movie and the 80s style for computers and tech. The mix of it all sets it all up to be quite immersive. The darkness, limited light, the dirtiness of it all is quite good to set the mood. Note that this game needs a good bit of power to really make it look good. But for all that power it does look amazing.

Gameplay: This game is about hiding, I need to be in a special mood to make that fun for me.  If you like the idea of running not fighting, then this game is for you. I like to be able to remove threats if I get the jump on them. But eventually some of the enemies are beyond resistant to some things even from behind. It honestly made me disconnect from the game. 108 minutes in of all things. The hacking and tool finding gameplay is ok for progression and such but I didn’t like a lot of fetching or not being able to do things as an engineer … and not being able to jump.

Story: Of what I have played in the first part of the game is decently set up and paced. You do feel a bit outnumbered and out gunned for a while. Eventually they add cyborgs to this mix instead of the Xenomorph and humans being your only enemies. The cyborgs I don’t really like as you can’t knock them out like you could the humans and it made it a lot more of the avoid being seen idea. Im sure there will be a day I will enjoy it but not the day I did my 108mins.

Overall: This game you need to be a fan of hiding and surviving go for it. If not play something else. Current price is about 50 USD with the DLC  40 without.

Verdict for Alien Isolation: If you like horror, this is highly recommended

Time played: 108 minutes

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