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I tried to get through 60 minutes of this game but gave up after 15. The 39 Steps is click and reader with some voice acting added on top.

I haven’t done any research into this game but it seems to be inspired by the 1915 book of the same name. The intro dragged on for too long and the developers seemed to spend more time and attention on capturing the book rather than making a game built around the story of the book.

I’m sure that there was a lot of love put into the making of this game, however I’m personally more interested in games where I’m actually participating than reading endless amounts of text and clicking. In regards to it’s mechanics, the game is very dull and uninteresting. As a Visual Novel, it doesn’t do anything to grab my attention or keep me interested. At one point there was a mini-game just to to open a door!

The game made me feel very bored from the get-go and there was nothing keeping me interested.

Historical games are interesting to me, but when all player agency is removed and I can’t do anything but click to continue, I’m not interested. To give the game credit, the art direction was fairly solid and it’s atmosphere was interesting. They did capture the time and aesthetic well. The voice acting was back and forth for me.

Overall, it has a serious lack of mechanics and I got to the second of the 39 Steps.

Verdict for The 39 Steps: Don’t buy unless you like Visual Novels.

Time played: 15 minutes

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