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All Zombies Must Die is a game I remember not working for a while when I first bought it and If I remember right it was due to a GPU/CPU conflict. I did get it working easily this time around. But onto the review.

Graphics: It’s cartoon-like it is an aesthetic that works for this kind of game. I wasn’t expecting amazing quality overall so I won’t be stuck up about this games graphics. I figure for this game isn’t trying to be too serious.

Game play: This is a bit of a mixed bag for me, overall game play is a bit cheesy and weapons don’t really feel to have impact for there aren’t really head shots and that weapons are not powerful enough to me. You end up getting a cricket bat and ‘’you knock people out of the park’’ with it like it was baseball or something. Why not have a baseball bat instead? It’s probably a better game for a 4-person co-op experience vs what I did solo. I think with 4 people on game pads it would be a lot better.

Story: The story is quite fourth-wall breaking constantly its quite aware of what it is. Its thin not too inspiring it’s simple: go kill this go find this walk to here and there. I don’t think that they wanted to go too far with the story. Its shallow and not going to win any awards for it.

Overall: It’s not a game for anyone who wants a serious zombie killing game, but it is for people who enjoy party games and zombies mixed between it all with controller and four player support. Then give it a shot. Otherwise give it a skip

Verdict on All Zombies Must Die

I don’t recommend for single player, but for party style multiplayer. Get it on sale.

Time played: 61 minutes

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